Now Scooping!

All of our ice cream is made in shop with no artificial flavors, added stabilizers, or emulsifiers.

Scoop of banana nut ice cream in cup with ingredients.

Banana Nut


Reminiscent of gooey banana bread, our toasted walnuts give it some crunch. A fall reminder for the, very, mild Florida fall season.

Ingredients for coconut ice cream in a cup.



A fresh coconut flavor with bits of shredded coconut added for extra coconutty goodness!

Scoop of cookie dough ice cream with cashews and a cookie.

Cookie Dough

Beginning with our Chelsea's Choice base and adding our vegan chocolate chip cookie dough, this is our take on cookies and cream for those wanting something a bit more indulgent!

Scoop of chocolate ice cream in bowl with ingredients.

Dutch Chocolate


We use Dutch process cocoa, which is milder and less acidic than regular cocoa, giving this chocolate ice cream less of a bite than regular dark chocolate.

Scoop of mint chip ice cream in a cup.

Mint Chip


Instead of just a single minty note, we wanted something a bit more complex. Our mint flavor is a combination of spearmint and peppermint, giving us the mint nuance we were looking for. Why is our mint chip not green? Because we do not use food coloring.

Scoop of mocha ice cream in bowl with ingredients.



More than just coffee flavor, our mocha has an almost espresso quality to it with a hint of chocolate from the cocoa and a bit of dark palm sugar, both complementing the coffee flavor.

Scoop of pistachio ice cream in a cup.



While many commercial pistachio pastes rely on additives and stabilizers for a consistent product, we make our own pistachio paste using nothing but pistachio kernels and only when offering this flavor.

Ingredients for salted caramel ice cream in a cup.

Salted Caramel


Starting with pure cane sugar, we caramelize it ourselves for each batch before adding some flaky Maldon sea salt to give it that hint of saltiness.

Scoop of strawberry ice cream in bowl with ingredients.



Made using fresh strawberries, this seasonal variety is our creamy take on strawberry ice cream.

Previous Flavors

Scoop of blueberry ice cream in a cup surrounded by cashews and blueberries.



Made from fresh blueberries! Our blueberry ice cream uses whole blueberries blended into our cashew base to remind you of the little joys of a very berry summer!

Scoop of chocolate chip ice cream in a cup.

Chelsea's Chocolate Chip


Ingredients for cashew milk ice cream in a cup.

Chelseas Choice


A complex white chocolatey, coconutty, malty flavor. Difficult to place. If you like vanilla, give this a taste!

Ingredients for chocolate mint chip ice cream in a cup.

Choco Mint Chip


Not wanting the chocolate to overpower the mint, we created a different chocolate base than our Dutch chocolate that lets the mint shine while still providing chocolatey goodness.

Scoop of chocolate walnut ice cream in bowl with ingredients.

Chocolate Walnut


When you want a little more crunch to your bite of chocolate ice cream, our chocolate walnut is sure to please! For those wary of dark chocolate, we use a more balanced chocolate base as opposed to our darker Dutch Chocolate.

Ingredients for Earl Grey ice cream in a cup.

Earl Grey


Made with a cold brew of Earl Grey tea, the characteristic bergamot flavor comes at you on the back end while an almost chocolatey note greets you first.

Scoop of gingerbread ice cream in a cup.



Bring out the holiday cookie cutters, because this is the ice cream equivalent of those person shaped baked goods! Made with molasses and spice, it is sure to remind you of rolling out dough and decorating cookies!

Ingredients for lemgongrass Thai basil ice cream in a cup.

Lemongrass-Thai Basil


A refreshing flavor perfect for the Florida heat. The cleanness of the lemongrass pairs with the subtle licorice spice of the Thai basil. Certainly one to give a try!

Scoop of mango ice cream in a bowl with cashews and mango slices.



Made with fresh yellow mangoes, this seasonal flavor is our creamy take on mango ice cream.

Scoop of maple walnut ice cream in bowl with ingredients.

Maple Walnut


Wanting an authentic maple flavor, we sweetened this flavor with both maple sugar and maple syrup. Mixed in we added some chopped and toasted walnuts to give it that extra crunch.

Ingredients for masala chai ice cream in a cup.

Masala Chai

We cold brew our black tea blend with a blend of cinnamon, ginger, and cardamom spices to give it a warming, spiced flavor, before adding some cracked black pepper at the end for good measure.

Scoop of orange cream ice cream in a cup.

Orange Cream


A combination of pure orange juice and orange extract gives our ice cream a creamy orange flavor without being overpoweringly orange juice.

Scoop of rocky road ice cream with cashews, mini marshmallows, and almond slivers.

Rocky Road


Prepare to indulge yourself in vegan marshmallows and almond pieces surrounded by our decadent chocolate ice cream!

Ingredients for turmeric ice cream in a cup.


Steeped overnight, fresh turmeric and ginger brew alongside cinnamon and cardamom, giving this flavor the warmth of the ginger on the front, earthiness of the turmeric on the back, and cinnamon spice throughout.